Simple and quick time tracking and time recording for anything!

Quick start

Clock in and out (punch clock, start time tracking) using colourful 1x1 widgets. It's probably the easiest way to track your time!

Reviewing time

Search and filter, take a quick glance of your day, week and month or export all your time to CSV file and review it in Excel or Google Docs


Use various charts to review and analyse where your time goes. Good analysis is important part of successful time management.

Quick summary of what is Time Meter app:
time sheet
time tracker
time logger
time manager
time clock calculator
work log
work tracker
work logger
activity tracker
activity logger
punch clock
time export to CSV (review in Excel)
time track
helpful widgets
time quick review
monitor time tool
time tracking
time recording
time management
time analysis
time keeping
time organizer
freelance tracker
учет времени
time planner
sutdent tracker
time calculator
time clock calculator
date time
freelancing assistant
invoice tracker
student tracker
freelancer assistant
better productivity
tasker integration
unique charts and statistics
personal time tracker